Empowering Communities, Changing Lives...

We are a Christian Community Based – nonprofit making Organisation, set out to ameliorate the plight of women, adolescents and vulnerable groups. Our major focus is to create networks of Women and youth change makers in communities through livelihood programs, health promotion, capacity building, coaching, peer support and research. We aim to build Women and youth as role models and champions of change in their respective communities. Our community-based interventions strive at improving the well-being of vulnerable women, children and youth

Community development is at the heart of our service through direct interventions like community mobilization, environmental protection, health and sanitation awareness creation, research, education and elimination of poverty. We are dedicated to empowering women and youth to achieve their full economic potential by inspiring them to become advocates, change makers and entrepreneurial champions in their localities. We equip our project beneficiaries with 21st century skills, resources, exposure, opportunities and a broad platform that facilitates networking, learning, partnership and sharing of experiences.

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We are dedicated to creating networks of female change makers from disadvantaged communities through social and economic empowerment. We believe women, adolescent girls and children have the right to experience a life free from poverty, disease, violence, exclusion and discrimination. PAWOA is a catalyst for bringing about social and economic empowerment of women, girls, the youth and children belonging to the underprivileged sections of society through interventions in the areas like economic initiatives, skill building, micro enterprises, entrepreneurship development, education, health and empirical research.

Our Mission

We work to contribute to solving the world’s critical challenges facing women, children and adolescents through fighting poverty, promotion of quality and equitable education, health systems strengthening, early childhood development, youth social-economic empowerment and research.

Our Vision

A healthy, poverty free and fulfilled life for every woman, child and youth in Africa

Our Objectives

To contribute to the social and economic transformation of women and youth through capacity building and creation of enabling environment
To promote the quality of life for underprivileged individuals and communities through health promotion interventions
To increase access to quality and equitable formal education for the underprivileged children and communities.
To conduct empirical research and design relevant sustainable community interventions
To support and empower orphans and vulnerable children to realise their full potential.

Our Core Values


We are desirous of contributing to happy lives of women and children


We move people to believe in themselves and a fulfilling life​


We aim at creating fundamental and sustainable change where we work


We understand and feel the pain of the vulnerable groups in our community


We trust and honor the best in ourselves and others


We show genuine concern for the suffering and under privileged people