Training & Coaching Program

Training and coaching are at the Centre of our work. Research shows an average of 50 percent of the information received in a presentation is forgotten within one hour. After 24 hours, on average, 70 percent is gone. And within a week a staggering 90 percent is nowhere to be found Since the best coaches do so frequently and on an ongoing basis, coaching is one way to impact the fact that even the best of individuals will simply not remember valuable information. Certainly, training can’t do the job on its own. And coaching, applied without the foundation of basic prior knowledge, won’t succeed either. It is against such a background that at PAWOA, we challenge vulnerable women and youth to come up with their own solutions to challenges facing them and their communities. Our model does not only lead to enormous community awareness and ownership, it is a strong pillar for innovativeness and sustainability.

Resilient Community Networks

Research shows that community interventions are more likely to succeed if beneficiaries are encouraged to work in organized formal teams. Most of our interventions involve establishment of change maker clusters which act as models for social-economic transformation in the communities where we operate. We build resilient networks that work as bundles of hope and inspiration and find solutions to some of the challenges facing their lives and communities.

Community Based Support Model

At PAWOA, we do not embrace a one size fit all approach to bring about sustainable change among women and youth in the communities we serve. Our community-based program model enables our beneficiaries to come up with interventions that suit their localities, abilities, local demands and the available resources. Through this model, we work with the community to assess the needs and resources existing within a community, and, involving community stakeholders in the process, attempt to create a sustainable and equitable solution to address the community’s needs.

Our approach enables increased sustainability of the interventions, ensures easy identification of the right solutions to problems and bases on existing resources accessible to community members. Our unique model reinforces the sustainability of the impact that we create in the areas we serve with our interventions.

Building Strong Relationships

At PAWOA we pride in building, respecting and sustaining partnerships with organizations and foundations with which whom we share the same perspectives and passion.