The PAWOA Team

We are a passionate team dedicated to empowering women, the youth and communities to live a more fulfilling life free from poverty, diseases and injustices. We have built a resilient, professional, committed and cross-cultural team with background and expertise in community empowerment, public health, business administration, community development, social sciences and project management. Our team offers high quality training, mentorships and coaching to ensure that vulnerable communities and individuals are identified, supported and challenged to find solutions to their challenges

Eunice Nabadda K


Eunice is a Co-founder and CEO of Passionate Women for Africa. She has vast experience in community interventions with more than five years of working with vulnerable and underprivileged populations in central Uganda. Eunice is a former banker who decided to resign from that role to champion fighting for the welfare of needy and underprivileged women, children and youth in Uganda. Her experience entails vast knowledge and skills in promoting sustainable community entrepreneurial projects, training and skilling vulnerable mothers which has enabled rural women to start small scale businesses that have helped them to access basic needs for themselves and their children. Her dream is a world where women, children and adolescents are supported and empowered to believe in themselves and transform their lives.

Joseph Kabanda


Joseph is a Co-Founder of PAWOA and his close to 12 years’ career development has unfolded in Uganda working with local and international organisations, government and partners. He started his career in advocacy and development education in Uganda and later joined efforts to fight HIV/AIDS among the youth before moving on to CoMHI a local mental health initiative as a Program Advisor. Joseph later joined international efforts to promote teacher intrinsic motivation across education systems in Uganda with a goal of improving learning results. He is passionate about sustainable communities and a strong advocate for vulnerable women, children and youth. Joseph currently directs the program activities in Uganda.