Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. Women make enormous contributions to economies, whether in businesses, on farms, as entrepreneurs or employees, or doing unpaid work at home.

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We believe that effective eradication of poverty necessitates a global and multidimensional approach to address its underlying root causes. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres highlighted this phenomenon during 2017 international day for the Eradication of poverty where he emphasized that all strategies must empower people not only to help them out of poverty, but also to thrive. The UN report about the World’s Women, Trends and statistics highlights that women are more likely to live in poverty than men due to structure of society especially in third world countries having vulnerable underprivileged single mothers and teenage mothers who have no idea of how their tomorrow would look like.

PAWOA is committed to supporting the most vulnerable women to improve their quality of life through our economic empowerment community projects which target vulnerable stay at home mothers, single mothers and teenage parents.

Our interventions focus on increasing women’s productivity, entrepreneur skills and household incomes. By emphasizing sustainable livelihoods, PAWOA and our partners strengthen families’ economic security and self-sufficiency. We empower them to start their own small businesses, give them startup funding, tools, financial education, and business coaching which can lead to community-wide changes and opportunities. These small scale business interventions hugely give them a voice at their homes, enables them to supplement household incomes, support their children’s education and avail themselves with basic needs like sanitary towels and clothing. One of our unique projects targets underprevilaged stay at home mothers is “SheCan”.

SheCan - Stay At Home Mothers project (SAHMs)

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Tackling poverty issues is very much linked to the empowerment of women and mothers; it’s about them getting the adequate support for health and education issues, also for the achievement of their economic autonomy, and thus helping them to make their families thrive.

With the current economy in Uganda, a household is difficult to run on a single income. The objective for designing “SheCan” project is to economically and socially empower the underprivileged mothers especially the SAHMs in Uganda. Our focus is to train and coach SAHMs on how to start and sustain income generating projects while working with fellow mothers in small networks. The project further inspires and empowers SAHMs to rekindle their passion and continue chasing their dreams despite all the hurdles that come with motherhood. Your generous donation will with no doubt put a smile on poverty stricken mother and later trickle down to their entire household.