With the world youth population estimated at 1.8 billion by the United Nations Population Fund, it is undeniable that global prosperity is highly staked on the success of the young people. Indistinguishably, emerging and continuing conflicts, civil unrests and other problems that the world continues to grapple with are largely a consequence of disempowerment, hopelessness and desperation afflicting a considerable majority of the young people in countries like Uganda. The irony that despite these calls to action, annual interminable conferences and international declarations coupled with numerous bench-marking trips by all sorts of youth leadership, it is unfortunate that Uganda still wakes up to disturbing statistics of disease, poverty, crime and hopelessness suffered continually by its otherwise most basic human resource. This background creates a need for change of strategy through empowering the youth to play a non-peripheral role in Uganda’s production and consumption chain.

A huge number of youth are lost in short-lived petty pleasures like alcoholism, sexual immorality and gambling among others which expose them to dangerous diseases on top of being rendered unproductive. With over 78 percent of our population below the age of 30, Uganda has the world’s youngest population. Unfortunately, this young population suffers from one of the highest unemployment rates in Sub-Saharan Africa, low school completion rates, and feelings of being marginalized and manipulated by their leaders.

PAWOA believes that there is no way Uganda and the World can achieve agenda 2030 if the challenges facing the youth are not convincingly and timely addressed. Many of us remember that one opportunity we had in our lives that put us on the path to where we are today. Yes, there is that one opportunity these talented young people need to get ahead and dare to dream that they too can succeed and contribute to their communities and to Uganda as a whole if jumpstarted and given the necessary support. PAWOA has youth interventions that focus on economic empowerment programs, providing employable skills, mentorship, coaching and building supportive networks that enable disadvantaged youth to transit from crime and poverty to productive careers, occupations and self-reliance. Our youth project also involves life skills which helps to build youth’s confidence. As part of our program, we purpose to equip adolescents with vocational, entrepreneurial, financial literacy, soft and hard skills for a sustainable future.
Join us to empower our youth and support them to turn their challenges into opportunities. We aspire to see a world where the youth have the opportunities they deserve, live the kind of lives they dream, have their voices heard and champion sustainable community development.